About Acouste

Mysterious – sometimes hardly noticed to be much different from the CD sound Acouste's hidden power lies “behind the scenes”. Is it minimal? Yes – until it needs to become big. Its at­tempt is to make alteration as small as possible but at the same time smoothing big dif­fer­ences (inside a song and between various songs in the entire music collection).

One raises the musical experience to a professional level; what listeners get is a new flavour, exceptional song colour and an inspiring impulse. Containing two simultaneous psy­cho­log­i­cal effects, the sound is delicately distanced and, at the same time “it doesn’t let you go away” attractive. It’s a golden selection in the domain of "too much radio sound" and "boring, unequally mastered CD songs."

You can find more info in the FAQ. You might also be interested in Natund.