All Songs Equally Loud

Acouste makes all these songs sound equally loud. Without it, three are louder (2, 4, 6) while the other three sound quieter (1, 3, 5) causing volume disorder on the playlist.

AFTER: All songs on the playlist are equally loud. BEFORE: One song is quiet, the next one shockingly loud.

When we listen to a playlist, the songs are often perceived at unequal volumes. Some are too loud, some are too quiet, and some are “normal.”

Acouste strives for a pleasant musical experience also by get­ting rid of such unlikable scenarios; not only statically by chang­ing the volume of individual songs, but also dynamically with a non-stop presence approach inside of each song.


How to properly compare audio samples?
Make sure you compare the audio sam­ples on a computer device that has no significant pre-defined sound settings. MORE

Does this website comparison sound equal on all computer devices?
Not necessarily. It depends on ... MORE

I would like to order Acouste for my music collection. How I can do that?
Very simple ... MORE

More bass, less highs / more highs, less bass – is it possible to customise?
Yes ... MORE

Song 1 Info
Artist: Roxette
Title: Things Will Never Be The Same
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: 7960482
Song 2 Info
Artist: Broods
Title: Taking You There
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: 3773083
Song 3 Info
Artist: The House Of Love
Title: Shine On
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: 842 293-2
Song 4 Info
Artist: Röyksopp
Title: What Else Is There?
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: 094634677202
Song 5 Info
Artist: Dr. Alban
Title: Away From Home
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: 74321214072
Song 6 Info
Artist: Rae Morris
Title: Love Again
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: 5362685