More bass, less highs / more highs, less bass – is it possible to customise?

Yes, of course. Let us know if you want such an option and you can get your songs customised in that way.

How to properly compare audio samples? Does this website comparison sound equal on all computer devices?

Not necessarily. It depends on your audio system (computer sound card, amplifier, speakers/headphones, etc.).
For example, a test was done using the same speakers on a home PC with a dedicated sound card and on a laptop* with an integrated one. As the laptop’s integrated sound card had some pre-defined sound settings, the sound comparison did not make sense, as it was not realistic.
Make sure you compare the audio samples on a computer device that has no significant pre-defined sound settings. More about properly comparing audio samples.

What is the difference between ”Acouste Mini“ and ”Acouste”?

As the word suggests, ”Acouste Mini“ does everything “Acouste” does, only less intense. Listen to an example.

Is it possible to make Acouste less intense?

Yes, Acouste Mini is here for such purposes. Listen to an example.

What are the format options?

Acouste and Acouste Mini are suitable for all standard formats: CD, WAV, flac, mp3, ogg etc.

I have listened to all the audio samples. Do you have more?

Yes, just contact us and you will receive the links.

Is Acouste a variation of radio sound?

Yes and no. It’s a golden selection in the domain of "too much radio sound" and "boring, unequally mastered CD songs."
Here's more about the topic: Typical "big radio sound" makes music on radio sound very promising, attractive and powerful. However to some people, listening to this kind of sound becomes tiring after some time. Our ears can become tired and our head can feel being tensed. We want to relax a little bit and listen to something less tense. If you belong to this group of listeners as well – but still want to enjoy the advantages of radio feel for your favorite songs Acouste (or Acouste Mini) sound enhancement is most probably for you.


I would like to order Acouste for my music collection. How can I do that?

Send us an e-mail and indicate how many songs you would like to enhance/are in your music collection. That's it; it’s as simple as that.

What is the price?

The price – or, better said, the "investment for a great sound experience" – depends on the num­ber of songs and the locations where they will be broadcast. If you will be listening to them privately in your home, the investment is significantly lower. Please contact us for the details.

How long does it take to arrange a music collection of 1000 songs?

It depends on three factors: the length of the song, additional options (for example, more bass, less highs), and the complexity of each song in the music collection. Typically, a music col­lec­tion is arranged and delivered in less than a week.


You said Acouste contains two simultaneous psychological effects...

Yes. The sound is delicately distanced, and at the same time “it doesn’t let you go away” attractive. When you listen to Acouste music quietly, that can quickly be perceived.

I assume it's suitable for stores?

Yes. Stores are ideal places for Acouste sound. It is delicately distanced so that it’s not too "pushy," as typical "big" radio sound often is. At the same time, it is "doesn't let customers go away" attractive, so they stay longer.


How did it all start?

Since I was a kid, I’ve noticed that music on the radio sounded different. It sounded livelier and more interesting. It had some kind of “texture.” The same songs on CD were somehow dry/generic. Something was missing. Later, I also noticed that if there is "too much radio sound," our ears can become tired after listening to it for a couple of hours. I started seek­ing the right solution...

How long were you preparing Acouste?

Ten years exactly. But it wasn’t an every-day activity. As the will came, the work went on for a couple of days, sometimes weeks. It seems like this method of work is the best one for any­thing in our lives – relaxed, plus the work is done as it has to be.

How many songs have you listened to/compared/tested?

Great question. Probably a couple thousand, not counting repeating each song tens of times to hear every detail and how every part of every song sounds with Acouste.

More questions?

If your question is not listed here, simply send us an e-mail. We usually reply in less than 48 hours.