Why should I choose Wind?

People who visit your website (visitors, potential and existing customers) get a perception of you/your brand based mostly through visual impact. In order to catch and keep them on your website, your website should shine on all levels of human perception, especially visual.

More info: Why Websites In-Depth.

What is the meaning of the name “Wind”?

There are two meanings. Semantically, it rep­re­sents an ac­ro­nym for Websites In-Depth. It also has symbolic meaning. Wind cleanses. It takes all the troubles away.

How does it work?

An in-depth inspection of your website is made on many perception-levels. Each deficiency or fault is reported in a final report-document. The levels which are correct are not reported.

How long does it take for an inspection to be finished?

Up to 10 days usually; however, please note that it also de­pends on the com­plex­i­ty of the website. After you submit your website to Wind service, you will be able to find out exact details.

I would like to order Wind service for my website. When can we start?

Immediately. And if it happens there is a queue for other clients, we will of course let you know on time and arrange a start date.

What is the price?

Exact price or better said in­vest­ment de­pends on var­i­ous factors:

Please contact us for precise information.

Do you run some software for inspections?

No, we should not kid ourselves; there is no soft­ware to perform such an in-depth inspection. Only heart, pas­sion and ex­pe­ri­enc­es can do that.

You offer consultation and an in-depth inspection of a website on many levels of visual perception. Does the offer also apply for applications, digital content, and paper publications as well?

Yes, of course.

Can I see some Wind examples?

Yes, you can find them in Percaption Blog.

Can you also offer some additional con­sul­ta­tions after the report?

Yes, two additional consultations are possible: Marketing & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion as well as an in-depth Design + Style. Altogether, this is crème de la crème for completing refinement of the brand image as whole.