Clearing Excessive BallastClearing Excessive Ballast

Practically unbeneficial elements should sometimes be removed.


Adding space between capital letters and subtracting from lowercase text.

Multiple Font TypesMultiple Font Types

When desired, two various types are recommended, occasionally three.

Changing the DefaultsChanging the Defaults

Changing the defaults should be implemented only without consequences.

Time to Say Goodbye to BlurrinessTime to Say Goodbye to Blurriness

In 1998 blurriness was common, but today it creates a cheap impression!


A 5°C to 10°C difference between inside and outside is highly recommended.

Step by Step ChangesStep by Step Changes

Changes should be applied in small enough steps and long enough intervals.


A brand/product name can sound normal, and at the same time inappropriate.

Multiple Font TypesThe Message

Let your brand send the right message, definitely not the wrong one!

Multiple Font Types(Dys)functional Links

No link on the text or picture can be fine. Having a dysfunctional link is unwise.

Multiple Font TypesLogo Needs a Link

Why logo needs a link? Because people need it, as they got used to it.

Multiple Font TypesThe Appropriate Amount of Red Colour

Too much red can cause people to become upset and aggressive.

Multiple Font TypesFunctional Graphic Elements

When the elements are dysfunctional, the website creates a poor impression!

Multiple Font TypesEverything is a Message

Literally everything we the people perceive with our brains – is a message.


The advantages and aspects of the web-fonts that should be considered

Precious InformationPrecious Information

Are you planning to start a business? Avoid throwing your money away!

Neutralising ComplexityNeutralising Complexity

Actions should be easily performed to reduce users’ wasted energy.

Polishing the DetailsPolishing the Details

Sometimes good perception is hidden in small details.


Consistency matters as it keeps confusion of your website visitors’ away.

Clear Dragging and DroppingClear Dragging and Dropping

No selection overlays should disturb a user's view when dragging and dropping.

Type Size for AllType Size for All

Make sure your website visitors don’t have to change the content type size.

Serif vs. Sans SerifSerif vs. Sans Serif

Is it really that simple to decide which one to use?

Better Image Quality on a WebsiteBetter Image Quality on a Website

Arrange bitmap images with double dimensions or prepare the vectors.

Communicate in the Tone of the Second Person, Not the FirstCommunicate in the Tone of the Second Person, Not the First

Use more you, your, yours – and less I, me, my, mine, we, our, ours.

Important E-mail: Acknowledgement of ReceiptImportant E-mail: Acknowledgement of Receipt

When you receive an important e-mail, reply with “Thanks, received.”

The Size of PerceptionThe Size of Perception

A short anecdote